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Belly Binding (beautifully) with a Wrapsody Baby Carrier or Other Wrap

- September 7, 2016



Belly Binding is a way to provide support during or after pregnancy to the lower abdominals. (This video was taken 5 hours before the birth of my fifth baby!) It can make a mother more comfortable by helping to support baby’s weight and lift it off her pelvis, or it can help her baby to settle into an optimal position, especially if it is not her first pregnancy and/or her abdominal muscles are lax (as mine were on baby number 5!) Using a wrap like the Wrapsody baby carrier can also make this a stylish addition to your wardrobe. To shop, go to .

Comments (11)

  • Would think work with a sling wrap? That's all I have... I'm 33 weeks pregnant with #6 and my last baby is only a year old... My last two babys have been transverse. I'm hoping to encourage baby to be head down...

    gingerbreadwomen - 37 months ago

  • Thank you! My son always wants to "push button" too 😉

    Jacqueline Wolfe - 37 months ago

  • I think this is so sweet! I love that your man helps you with the video.

    floofybird - 38 months ago

  • love the video! Trying it now! hope my baby comes in 5 hours! AMAZING

    Tabitha Kelley - 39 months ago

  • First of all Gina, you are an inspiration. I love you.

    Second of all, will this give good support at full term with (pretty severe)  Diastasis Recti? 

    Ashley Duke - 45 months ago

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