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Body wrap to lose belly fat?!

- September 6, 2016



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A lot of people are wondering if you are able to lose more fat around your stomach when doing sports while being wrapped in cling wrap. Does it help you lose belly fat?

It doesn’t. Its the same principal as using the sauna, all you lose is water weight, not additional fat.
Its a good tool if you will be taking part in a bodybuilding competition , foto shoot etc.
You will look leaner due to the lost water but it will change right when you rehydrate.
It is also not healthy for your body en general.

To lose fat isn’t rocket science! It is a simple balance of your daily caloric intake. It depends on how much you weigh, how high your activity level is, your age and your height.

These days it’s really hard to make the free time you need to prepare every single meal. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to know what you are eating and especially how many calories you consume.

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Comments (13)


    Too Good - 2 weeks ago

  • If it raises your bodu temp...that should have some help with with weight loss

    Jaime Cardiel - 1 month ago

  • I'm pretty sure is just a temporary fix, fat is something you have to struggle for the rest of your life, no kidding.

    Loveless Girl - 1 month ago

  • nothing will work if you dont try my friend.all bodies are different and the fact that i does not work for you does not mean it does not work for any body, why m i saying this , well is simple ., because it worked for me.

    jamie jg - 5 months ago

  • did you know that fat contains alot of water

    gandalf - 7 months ago

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