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Dog Belly Bands vs. Strap Bands

- September 7, 2016



Our two most popular products – the strap bands and the belly bands, the difference between the two, and how to use them for your male dogs.

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  • Oh my goodness, the strap works! Thank you so much.

    Judy Burkhart - 10 months ago

  • Sorry but my dog would tear those off in a second! He can't stand even the dog collar let alone something around his belly..

    ranchgirl49 - 10 months ago

  • I think you should try using this idea on a real dog.  They do not work on larger dogs and they are not wide enough.

    Debra Graff - 18 months ago

  • Just buy disposable belly bands at PetSmart or Pet Value

    Loopy Cooney - 24 months ago

  • Not sure if your male dog needs a belly band or a strap band?  Maybe this video will help explain the difference between the two!

    Upstate Pet Supply - 35 months ago

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