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It Works! Body Wrap (REAL Or Scam?

- September 7, 2016



im reviewing the it works body wrap for all you guys! i dont sell this or am in any way affiliated with this company. this will be 100% honest review!

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  • It's a genuine travesty that such stupid people as this exist.

    Raymond Bucci - 3 months ago

  • Great video

    Stacy Serrano - 5 months ago

  • It's really sad actually. The owners (Pentacost family) have esentially tried all sorts of pyramid scemes since 95, but this one works. They pay off everyone that doesn't pay them: magazines, reviewers, credible naysayers... they've made 1.2 billion. Even their hurricane Harvey charity is actually just a way people can donate through their company. It's fucked what people do for money. Once you have enough people fooled they just go out and attack anyone who calls out the big lie, wanting to believe in the scam themselves

    lilppblunt - 6 months ago

  • so the reason hers didn't work as well as it should've is because it was probably expired seeing as though she purchased it on eBay because I myself have used the product and it is amazing so amazing the I did become a distributor

    caiden garret - 7 months ago

  • awe who cares if your stomah isnt perfect !! mine isnt either ty to kids lol. so im watching this i kow its 4 yr ago lol but i wan tot buy form ebay too and i dont want to buy soemthing that is a scam or expired.....xo - new sub

    Chels xo - 7 months ago

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