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Male Dog Wrap / Belly Band from Pet Expertise Demonstration

- September 7, 2016



Male wraps for dogs, or dog belly bands, can help housetrain (housebreak) your dog or puppy as well as make housetraining a little more pleasant for everyone involved.

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Male wraps are great for incontinent dogs or dogs that urinate when excited or a little nervous.
Having your male dog wear a belly band while you are housetraining him will prevent urine stains and odors on carpet and furniture, which helps in housebreaking because your dog will not be tempted to remark areas where he smells his scent.
Great for travel! Makes your dog or puppy a more welcome visitor and easier to clean up after.
Male wraps are perfect for dogs who

Comments (4)

  • Oh my... that definitely deformed the dog. He's now hunched where you put the band.

    Paz Watch - 8 months ago

  • I have a question, do they ever slip backwards and fall off? Do people ever experience this? Are the pad special dog ones designed for these belly bands?

    Gabrielle Flint - 22 months ago

  • I love ollie!

    themodularmodular - 63 months ago

  • im soooo gonna buy this for my dog.

    Julia Bardack - 72 months ago

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