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UPDATE on it works wraps honest Review!!

- September 7, 2016



Disappointed about my results but i never give up so i will give the it works body applicator one more try an see how that goes for me …any questions before sure to leave a comment below ..rate comment subcribe =)!!

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  • Did you eat while you had the wrap on? I am a distributor for the product and I've seen some great results with the clients that I worked with. Also, did you consume any alcohol or smoke any cigarettes. For some smokers, they may bloat at first before they shrink.

    Akira Henderson - 1 month ago

  • Hi ty I am a guy ok I am working out to lose weight from a 290lbs to 250 if still need to lose more weight , thank for your good advice I have ( it works ) I will try it out and see what will happens ? Any way thank you and god blest

    joe M vasquez - 11 months ago

  • didn't do anything for me either and I Had 4 boxes

    Melissa Olinger - 12 months ago

  • If your still interested in inch loss I work for a company called ActiLabs and we have a product similar but instead of it being a wrap it's a gel, we have Lipo and thermo. and we also have skin care products that promote healthy skin amd helps balance the natural oil and doesn't dry out your skin. If your interested in learning more I have a page on Facebook called : ActiLabs Tiffini Ranney. check it out and pop me a message anytime!

    Tiffini Ranney - 15 months ago

  • This isn't a Weightloss product its a beauty product I'm a distributor for it works you have to use it right if you got it directly from a sa distributor them they should of given you wrap tips to make it work right and guarantee results if you are curious about these wraps they work but like anything else you have to do it right!

    Miss Vvane - 18 months ago

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